A mobile app that would make using the BART system in the Bay Area a more user-friendly experience. The app would allow users to link a credit or debit card, charge it by the trip, and scan a QR code* at the turnstiles, eliminating the need for a Clipper Card or a ticket from the kiosk.


* Designed pre Apple/Android Pay


What I Did

User Research
Persona Development
UX/UI Design
Mobile Design
Visual Design


The Problem  The current process to purchase fares is convoluted and confusing for many users.

People who travel on BART have to buy tickets from a kiosk with a less than ideal interface, often waiting in line or use a prepaid Clipper Card where they add funds in block amounts. Either way, there's an additional item to fumble with and keep track of as they navigate crowds to make the train.

Business Goals

  1. Goal 1  Reduce complaints and improve reputation
  2. Goal 2  Keep customers directly informed with alerts and important information in a way that is adaptable to new systems as they are implemented
  3. Goal 3  Add another form of revenue to help ease the pressure to raise fares as new cars are put into service


Downloads from the App Store

New account signups

App transactions

Kiosk transactions

Clipper Card transactions

Customer complaints

Ad revenue 


To get a better understanding of what users' pain points were, I interviewed riders at several BART stations to gauge their feelings and expectations.


Based on research I developed a set of provisional personas to help inform design decisions.


After getting a better understanding of what business and user goals were I formed the following hypotheses —


  1. Hypothesis 1  Providing an app where users can select and charge fare to their credit card will solve the frustrations felt by each of our personas regarding adding funds to a Clipper Card and buying tickets at the kiosk. After the purchase is confirmed, the app will provide a scannable QR code on the user's smartphone that can be scanned upon entry, solving the problem of fumbling with or losing and additional item.
  2. Hypothesis 2  The app’s notification system would be a suitable solution to the issue of informing users directly of important alerts in a way that can be adaptable to future technologies.
  3. Hypothesis 3  Paid advertising banners within the app can help address the need for additional revenue. However, it must be done in a way so as not to negatively impact the user’s experience. 



I sketched out possible solutions.


After working through solutions with pen and paper and on the whiteboard, I went digital to create high fidelity wireframes.

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